It’s all over but the crawdads.

Hi there, Feastlings.
I know it’s not my typical approach, but in the interest of getting 150 meals over the El Rio Healthcare’s downtown clinic today, I’ll try and keep it succinct. Valentine’s Day ordering cutoff has long since passed, and we’re well on our way to getting those meals prepared, but if even if you’ve waited too long to preorder the prix fixe Valentine’s Day meal, we’ll be offering some special specials on both Saturday and Sunday, just in case. You won’t see them on the menu until tomorrow, but if you check back then, you’ll see them here:

Meanwhile, if you’re picking up Valentine’s food that you did order in time, you’ll find heating instructions here:

and since Mardi Gras comes nipping at the heels of Valentine’s Day, a number of you have called and emailed already, and the answer is yes: there’ll be crawfish etouffee on Tuesday.

Fat Tuesday

And lastly, here’s a little blurb about tomorrow’s wine tasting, a sampling of Valentine-friendly wines.

I heart wine.

Time to load up and head out with those meals, with our thanks to those of you who contributed to this delivery run of food to some front-line health care workers who’ve been going full tilt for eleven months now. Thanks a million.

Doug, the crew at Feast and the crew at El Rio Health’s downtown clinic

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