Upcoming goings-on.

Hello, Feastlings.
The first Tuesday of the month always brings us a new menu here are Feast, and even though the pandemic has created a sequence of events that, among other things, has gotten our menu changes out of whack (no new salads this month, and the only reason there’s a new dessert is we’ve given an early hook to that miso caramel tart,) but still, there are a handful of new items, so I’m sending a link in case you’re considering dinner at this point in the day:


I’m also sending a link to this week’s wine tasting, a broad look at the influence Germany has has on surrounding areas over the centuries,

Germanic but not necessarily German

and, at the risk of going back to the same well too many times in a single pandemic, I’ll mention a couple of opportunities for philanthropy in your day, one a fundraiser for Nourish, and, in the process, for Tucson restaurants:

A fundraiser for Nourish AND your favorite restaurants, whichever ones they may be

and another being another in a series of our donation runs, this time to the two hospitals who are administering Covid vaccines, or, more accurately, to the people who are volunteering their time and energy to those hospitals to make it happen:

Over 6,000 served

And yes, there are more upcoming goings-on: the Valentine’s Day menu will be published this week, as will the menu for the event we’re doing in April to benefit Child and Family Resources in their fiftieth anniversary year, and a zoom event of dubious distinction for SAACA in which I’ll make a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, but I promise it’ll be a different grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup than what you grew up with. So keep your eyes peeled for all that stuff later this week.
Meanwhile, accept a simple and heartfelt thank-you from all of us at Feast, who’ve benefitted from your donations every bit as much as the people who’ve received your meals- we’ve kept a lot of people employed because of you, and we thank you for it.

Everyone at Feast

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