Over 6,000 served

Dear Feastlings,

As you’re no doubt aware by now, one of the most important ways we’ve been keeping our staff employed has been through donated meals.  Your generosity and that of the community at large have been frankly exceptional, and we’ve been contributing meals ourselves at the rate of 50 meals for every 250 donated.  And for the generosity of Feastings and Tucsonans of all stripes, we’re all more grateful than you can guess.  Next week, we’ll be bringing meals to the people who are donating their time and energy to protect the rest of the community.  Be they the ones who spend 10 hours on their feet directing traffic in a parking garage, or be they docs or nurses spending their day off immunizing hundreds of people, we’re sending some recognition their way to thank them for bringing us all one step closer to the return to normalcy.

On February 9, we’ll be bringing 140 meals to volunteers at TMC, and on the 10th, another 200 meals to those at two different Banner sites, and this will put us at 6,294 meals that you and we have donated since the beginning of the pandemic.  It feels good, and it feels particularly good that you’ve kept supporting us in this effort week in and week out.  So thank you kindly, from all of us at Feast, and from the vaccination volunteers who’ll be grabbing some sustenance halfway through a long, long day, thanks to you.  You can drop off or send a check made out to Feast with the words “volunteer donations” in the memo line, or you can call us with a credit card number, and we’re happy to apply any contribution to these upcoming donation runs, whether it’s pennies or dollars.  We look forward to being moved one step closer to happy faces in our dining room again, breaking bread together.

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