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Dearest Feastlings,
Those of us who drink wine each have our predilections. Some like their wine crisp and bright; some like it unctuous and lush. Brimming with fruit is best for a chunk of the population, but edgy and grippy works best for others. Regardless of style, though, you’ll always find some of the notes you’re looking for in a blend. Savvy winemakers choose the bright notes from one varietal to accent the richness of another, or add a little fruity Grenache to brighten up the mushroomy forest-floor funk of Syrah. Today we’ll taste four blends, and if all goes well, we’ll have a culty winemaker or two chiming in to share their ideas about wine, viticulture, cooperage, or whatever subject comes up at the tasting. Want to know about the tasting? Here you go:

Blending the rules

Want to log into the tasting? Here you go again:

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Topic: Blending the rules
Time: Jan 30, 2021 02:00 PM Arizona

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There’s still ample time to pick up a set of tastes, and even a bite to go along with them, and if anyone drops out, there’s a chance to pick up tomorrow’s tasting as well (though we’re on a waiting list at this point. But it’s a short one and there’s invariably a cancellation the day of.) That tasting will feature Amy Ezrin of The Piedmont Guy, spreading Piedmont love and opening up four more fun wines, each of which will be served with a paired snack. Here’s the scoop on that tasting:

Trust Your Importer with Amy Ezrin, the Piedmont Gal of The Piedmont Guy

Come join us at one or the other, or both if your palate is up for the challenge. See you in a bit.

Yours in wine tasting,

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