Through my heavy-lidded eyes.

Good afternoon, Feastlings.
I’m drifting off today after a long day yesterday and poor sleep- the lot in life of a restaurateur in normal times anyway, and even more so as we enter the eleventh month of living with the pandemic. I don’t envy my colleagues whose businesses are younger than mine- I could never have done this without being well into our second decade of existence. I’d have given up long ago, I imagine, though I’d also have been younger and foolish enough to keep at it.
Regardless, I’m ready for a nap. That’s good news for you, though, because it means that the February menu is nearly in hand, and I’ve written the food pairings and heating instructions for this Sunday’s Last Sunday tasting, I’ve gotten the Zoom meeting details to various and sundry presenters for both Saturday’s tasting

Blending the rules

and Sunday’s,

Trust Your Importer with Amy Ezrin, the Piedmont Gal of The Piedmont Guy

more than one of whom is a surprise, but more than one of whom I’d regard as a feather in our cap. We’ve got prep lists scratched out for this weekend to enable us to prep the ingredients we’ve got ordered and the new menu should fall into place with an apparent ease of effort. I have a few more phone calls to make to get our next donation run lined up, this time to the people volunteering their time and energy in order to get needles into the arms of those who want their shots. More on that as it develops.
Then maybe I’ll take a little breather, have a bite of something comforting and write a few more ideas down for food and wine for Valentine’s Day specials. Then I’ll let those lids close, and with any luck, they’ll stay that way for while this time.

See you soon.


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