Dear Feastlings,
More than I’ve grown weary of living in a Covid-era world where my business is hobbled, I’ve grown weary of weirdness. Today I got a letter in the mail, a photocopied affair, typed out but peppered with hand-scrawled notes and double-underlines, with lots of all-caps “MUST STOP NOW”s and “ORGANIZE and UNITE”s, encouraging me to buy some billboard space to advertise a website that had newspaper articles with the same kooky underlines, positing that the Polio vaccine was a fraud and a hoax. It was from a person whom I presume is a fictional character, called Jim Dandy O’Kelly, and since someone lent me their copy of Slaughterhouse-Five after my numerous mentions of Kurt Vonnegut, both his name and his actions sound like a Vonnegut character to me.
Can we please just go back to letting me live in a world where I’m not a sucker for thinking that people in the medical profession are trying to help others? And that everything- EVERYTHING- is a conspiracy? I’m tired enough as it is.
If you’re as exhausted by all of it as I am, my own suggestion is a selfish one: get yourself some sustenance from us at Feast.

And shake off the weirdos who are dropping from the rafters like so many spiders with a wine tasting

Blending the rules

or two. There are two tastings this weekend.

Trust Your Importer with Amy Ezrin, the Piedmont Gal of The Piedmont Guy

I’m still working on our next round of donation meals to front-line health care workers, who, after having been clobbered for ten months straight, are possibly in the home stretch of being clobbered, but being clobbered again nonetheless. So I’ll post more about that once I’ve heard back from the people organizing these efforts, and in the meantime, I’ll wish you all well, hope you stay happy and healthy, and satiated, with any luck in part from us here at Feast. Now go outside, or to a window, and admire the snow on the mountains, and feel good about something.

Your friend,


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