A thousand plumbers

Dear Feastlings,
What I love most about Feast, more than the food or the wine, more than the events or the growing of our own mushrooms, the baking of bread or the clearing of tables as people keep coming in the door when pandemics aren’t first and foremost in people’s thoughts, is the spirit of community. Whether it’s the teensy community of Feast itself, the larger on of Tucson, or even the world at large, I love that when I whine about my day with a novice plumber who’s been thrown into a situation he can’t handle, that scores of you immediately relate to that experience, and that I now have the names of a dozen trusted plumbers.
I love, as well, that when my lamentation includes a financial worry, again, people call from all corners of the world to contribute to our donation runs, or buy wine, or support us in whatever way they can. And for that, the past year has made me both singularly aware and impossibly grateful.
So while my purpose today is ostensibly to get the email out with the passcode to today’s wine tasting,

It’s summer somewhere

(and here’s that important bit:
Doug Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: It’s summer somewhere
Time: Jan 16, 2021 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 820 3441 0322
Passcode: 577400 )

the reason I’m truly writing today, is to say this: thank you. Thanks for the name of your trustworthy plumber, thanks for donating to next week’s trips to St. Mary’s and St. Joe’s,

Recognition where it’s due.

thanks for shopping for wine, and for food and baked goods, and for helping us keep our doors open ten months into the pandemic, and, I’d imagine, a number of other independent businesses, which, for the record, I’ve come to discover this past year, is a massive misnomer: an independent business is indeed dependent, more than you can imagine until you’ve been through this, on its community. So thanks, community, and know that we hope to return the favor, to pay it back and to pay it forward, and to be an active participant every bit as much as you have. You people are remarkable, and we’re lucky to have you in our family.


Everyone you’re helping at Feast, and for that matter, everyone you’re helping through Feast as well

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