Recognition where it’s due.

Hello, Feastlings.

In our continued effort to be of service to the community while we’re all but shut down for the past ten months, our plan to serve front line hospital workers continues next week, when we go to both St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s hospitals.  While we very much appreciate all that physicians, nurses, PAs and other medical professionals are doing for us while our Covid numbers continue to remain well above what they were during what we last regarded as a surge (take a look)- –

we’d like to extend some recognition to some unsung heroes as well.  After hearing from a friend- a nurse practitioner who’ll remaining nameless, who works at a hospital which will remain nameless- express frustration that a restaurant which will also remain nameless donated food to physicians only while ignoring the rest of the staff, we’re bringing food to some people who frequently get left out.  PLEASE know that we at Feast very much appreciate what the doctors and nurses in Emergency Departments and Covid wards are doing to save and protect us all, and that we realize the tremendous sacrifices they’re making every day, day in and day out.  But upon talking to my buddy over at Carondelet Health Group, I discovered that when someone sends pizza to the crew at their hospitals, it primarily goes to the ED and the Covid wards, and primarily to the doctors and nurses.  And not that it shouldn’t.  But we’re sending food to the people who didn’t take an oath, didn’t spend years in medical school, and who, when they had to put their own health at risk to work in a hospital, chose to stick around, either out of selflessness or out of necessity.

So if you’re at all interested in donating a meal, or a cookie, or a fixed dollar amount toward meals, we’ll do what we’ve been doing since March: if we can get 207 meals donated by the various members of our little Feast community, Feast will donate the last 43 of them to make an even 250 meals, and the people who work at the less glamorous but just as vital jobs that make a hospital work will get a meal in the midst of their undoubtedly stressful workdays.  We’ll be going out on the 19th or 20th, or both, with meals in hand, and we’ll be able to keep our own doors open that much longer in the meantime, thanks to your generosity.  Here’s where we’re headed:

St. Mary’s Hospital
Housekeeping – 66
Special Processing Department – 15
IT – 6
Facilities -22
Transport- 16
TOTAL – 125

St. Joseph’s Hospital
Housekeeping – 75
Special Processing Department – 10
IT – 5
Facilities – 20
TOTAL – 125

How does one donate?  One drops off a check or mails it in to us, made out to Feast, but with “HOSPITAL DONATION” in the memo line on the check.  It can be sent to 3719 E. Speedway, Tucson, AZ 85716.  Or one calls us at 326-9363 and we can take a credit card number over the phone.  And know that your donation will be appreciated by the people you feed literally at St. Mary’s and St. Joe’s, but also by the people you’re feeding here at Feast by keeping us busy, in some respect doing what we came here to do: feed people something that brings them a moment of happiness in a time where happiness is difficult to come by.


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