Less is more.

Dear Feastlings,
Yes. Yes, there will be a Chanukah menu. And Yes. There’ll be a Christmas menu as well. But today, it being the first day of the month, it’s new menu day, and why on earth would I want to distract you from that? Today’s email focuses on the next seven days only. Or really the next six. It’s all in the process of coming together, albeit at the last minute- the brisket has shown up for that Korean-style brisket sandwich, and we’ve now had time to get it cooked off, and we’re still waiting for FedEx to show up with our micro tarragon, but the miso caramel tarts are baked and glazed with a verjus gelee, and the kitchen staff, after a frantic Thanksgiving week and a frantic attempt at recovering and getting the menu completed and the kitchen back in order, is breathing a collective sigh of relief into our masks.
In a day or two- or three- we’ll have Chanukah and Christmas menus up for you to peruse, but for now, we have more immediate projects on our minds: the completion of the December menu (come on, FedEx);

the wine tasting coming up this Saturday;

Meet the Cru

our continued commitment to helping our own crew stay employed by helping the community- this time it’s the residents at four different affordable housing apartment complexes-

Our next series of donation runs

and a trip back to my pizza-slinging roots this Sunday on a field trip to Arizona wine country:

You can’t get it here, but if you can get there, there’ll be pizza.

Keep your eyes peeled for more menus as we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off around here, but meanwhile, thanks for whatever kind support you’ve been mustering up. The whole crew over here is still monumentally grateful for you all. Thank you. Kindly.

Your pal,

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