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Dear, dear Feastlings,
I’ve gotten so many lovely, if sad, emails from so many of you, and a couple of grumpy ones as well, but ultimately, it’s led me to a conclusion about the double kneecapping we’re all receiving right now of the Covid pandemic and political upheaval, and that is this: when we’ve all already retreated into our own ideological bubbles, taking in only the news that agrees with the beliefs we already subscribe to, and then we couple it with retreating into our own physical bubbles because, well, we’d prefer not to be infected with a virus that may or may not kill us, we’re necessarily cut off from one another in a really big way. A great psychologist, who also happens to be my father, told me ages ago that when you protect yourself by ensconcing yourself in a (figurative) bubble, you perforce keep others on the outside of that bubble, and that will have repercussions, for better or worse. Today, for me, it’s feeling worse for us all, and I’m doubling down on my efforts to try and make contact with someone outside my bubble, maybe to listen to them and see if I can grasp their perspective, or maybe to just give them a little of what kindness I can offer, in hopes of reminding one extra person out there that maybe people aren’t so bad, even in a world where people are disagreeing fiercely. The jury’s out on what will happen, but all I can do is try, and I’m hoping that something delicious to eat can transcend a boatload of other antipathy.
Meanwhile, here’s your week at Feast: first, there’s today. There’s a gluten-free caramel creme brulee tart (this one’s even good for our celiac friends, unlike that tease of a gluten-free chai-spiced Bundt cake made with oat flour,) and there’s levain with Marcona almonds and apricots baked into it if you find yourself less constrained by wheat-


Chronologically next is this Saturday’s wine tasting, a blend of blends, the details of which are here.

How they blend in

closely followed by the Last Sunday of the Month wine tasting, complete with food pairings and a visit from Josefa Concannon of one of our favorite importers, Louis/Dressner.

Trust Your Importer tasting with Josefa Concannon of Louis/Dressner Selections

I’ll also point out that we’ve sorted out a bit more regarding our donation run to the hardworking people at the Pima County Recorder’s Office and the Pima County Election Department next Wednesday, and we’re honored to accept your donation toward meals or portions thereof for the people making sure our elections are free, fair and honest.

Our next donation run: the people keeping our elections on the up and up

and while we’re on the subject of elections- again, I remind you all that people of any political stripe who love good food and drink are welcome here, and encouraged to enjoy food with us, by us, or from us. But the election is coming, and some of us are going to be pleased with the result and some less so. In that spirit, starting next week and running up until Election Day, we’ll be offering 10% off all sparkling wines in case you get to celebrate your victory, and all spirits in case you have to bemoan your loss. The sale price can indeed be combined with other deals, so if you’re already getting ten percent off for buying six bottles, you can still get another ten percent off your bubbly or the spirit of your choice. Come save up a storm, from October 27th through November 3rd. You could have one or the other, or both. A French 75 doesn’t sound half bad.

See you soon, and thank you for your kind and consistent support.


Doug and the entire crew at Feast

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