Our next donation run: the people keeping our elections on the up and up

Dear Feastlings,

Our upcoming donation run brings meals to people who need a morale boost and some energy at this moment in time, when they’re likely busier than they’ve been in years: the hardworking people at  the Pima County Elections Department.  We’re finalizing the details, but at this point it looks like we’ll be delivering meals to the people who work to assure that our elections are free, fair and clean on Wednesday, October 28th.  If you want to show them some love (full disclosure: you’ll be sending us love, too- we’re fighting to stay open in part with your generous donations of food to front line workers and other members of the community who need your support,) give us a call at 326-9363 and donate a meal, a cookie, or whatever sounds appropriate to you.  We’ll be feeding about 270 people, so as per our now-traditional agreement with the greater Tucson area, once the community at large has donated 224 meals, we’ll throw in another 46 and bring them out to the friends we’re relying on to get a real and fair result on Election Day, or as soon as possible afterward.  If you send or drop off a check, please write “election workers” on the memo line.  Meals will go out on Wednesday, October 28th.

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