Nothing much, really.

Dear Feastlings,
This NOT being the first Tuesday of the month, I have no new menu to report to you, but we do have a wine tasting in the works for this Saturday, a tasting of Mourvedre in all its iterations

3 M

and the menu with a few breads and pastries and specials, but really, that’s it. You’d think with an email this short, I’d have been able to send it out sooner today, but it turns out it’s precisely because so much busywork goes on around here in order to drum up business that some days, the meetings and interruptions don’t finish up until the afternoon.
Keep your eyes peeled later this week for information about another donation run, and the upcoming October menu, and events that we’re working on to give you a reason to feel positive about something. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of time yet today to grab a little something to snack on while you watch the debate, or deliberately don’t, and wash it down with something tasty.

See you soon.


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