In between

Dear Feastlings,
The tiny thread of normalcy that’s weaving its way through Feast is that Thursdays, once again, bring us a steady stream of wine reps. One of them has bowed out today, and while we’ll miss her for certain- she’s clever and mostly charming (and yes, I said mostly because it’s likely she’ll read this)- it does give me a moment, after not sending an email yesterday and feeling the repercussions, to at the very least get a brief email out today. So here’s a glimpse at the menu with a little plug for those cornmeal shortbread fig bars, because if you haven’t experienced cornmeal shortbread fig bars, there’s a void in your life, as well as a reminder that Saturday hands us a Mourvedre/Mataro/Monastrell wine tasting

3 M

and a mention that there are just a couple of epis left today as well, and each little chunk presents an opportunity to stop, so it’s possible you’ll behave yourself on the bread front. Then again, I know that I personally wouldn’t stop until I ran out. Look on our Facebook page or our Instagram feed, if you want to see what they look like. And have a lovely day in spite of the fact that we’re still having three-digit temperatures.

The people of Feast

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