Good things come in threes.

Dear Feastlings,
There’s much to accomplish, so here’s today: briefly. I’m running our second hundred or so meals (of three hundred) to the Primavera Men’s Shelter shortly,

Our next donation run is more than one run

and when I return, I’m dragging out the little camping oven and the cheesy portable burner and setting up shop in the private dining room so we can display and discuss the food portion of our wine tasting with what I assume will be a jetlagged but convivial and always knowledgeable Lucia Ramos Perez for our zoom tasting of CVNE wines. The passcode is 902381, the wines are tasty and so is the food. It’s been sold out (we have no more wine to pour,) since Friday, but you can jump on a waitlist in case there are any last-minute cancellations.

And before, after, and during these events, we’ll still be serving this lovely food. Our friend Keith is back and baking, so it’s a good day to pick up a slice of serious tart of poached pears and dried cranberries with a spiced rum-almond pastry cream and a cranberry coulis.

Welcome, Autumn. And welcome, all of you.


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