Pandemic living: Q: do we drink better, or do we drink more? A: Yes.

Dear Feastlings,
If you read yesterday’s email, you probably thought to yourself: “Wow, this guy needs a depressant.” Or maybe not. But depressant or not, wine brings many of us pleasure, and frankly, it’s helping us in no small measure to keep our doors open. So first of all, here’s a thank you to those of you who’ve made us your wine shop in spite of the odd tempting deal at a big box store that’s going to be fine regardless of Covid. Secondly, here are links to two tastings this weekend, one where you’re drinking some of that higher-end stuff (tomorrow’s CVNE tasting, which is nearly sold out)

CVNE tasting with Lucia Ramos Perez- and food pairings

and one where you’re drinking (still very tasty wine) in a slightly larger volume (today at 2 PM)

Take me to your liter.

The passcode for today’s tasting is 756967, and there’s still time to pick up samples if you’d like to join us. And of course there’ll be snacks around here when you’re picking up, just in case you want a little bite of something while you taste and learn.

Now. To find that corkscrew…



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