As predicted

Dear Feastlings,
My tiny little cage has been rattled by computers today- a new point of sale system with entire swaths of the wine list missing from it, and my own inadequate practice with where everything in this new machine resides, have made for a day in which the email goes out quite late. And truthfully, there’s not too much to talk about today, except for the donation run to the Primavera Men’s Shelter tomorrow

Our next donation run is more than one run

and our two wine tastings this weekend. The Saturday tasting at 2:00

Take me to your liter.

and the Sunday tasting, with food pairings, at 3:30

CVNE tasting with Lucia Ramos Perez- and food pairings

And as long as you’re here, here’s a quick link to our menu in case you haven’t made dinner plans yet.

Have the best possible evening.

Your pal,


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