Diabolus ex machina

Dear Feastlings,
It appears technology isn’t in our corner just now. Kevin struggled mightily with the sound on yesterday’s zoom tasting, I just wrote you a whole email that vanished into the ether, and worst of all, our point of sale system will soon be honored by a moment of silence. The events of the week are largely behind us- we’re assembling the last of the weekend’s deliveries to our various hubs around town, and it’ll be another week before our Last Sunday of the Month tasting. There are only two events we have in the offing right now, one that’s with any luck a reassurance that there’s still good in the world, a delivery of your donations and ours to the Primavera Men’s Shelter this Wednesday,

Our next donation run is more than one run

to which you’re still welcome and encouraged to contribute, and one which we hope against hope won’t affect you: we’re kicking the diabolus out of our machina and replacing the point-of-sale system that’s been crashing up a storm throughout the pandemic. I’m a little leery of kicking out the devil we know and introducing the devil we don’t, but Tuesday sees the installation of a new point-of-sale system and its accompanying learning curve, so we hope you’ll bear with us a bit.
Meanwhile, we’re up and at ’em and even made a breakfast treat or two today. while you likely weren’t out clubbing last night, we do have a civilized late breakfast special of a scrambled egg, sliced ham and herb-roasted tomatoes on a cheddar-dill scone available for your brunch hour dining pleasure, as well as the littlest croissants, made from scratch and tasty enough they’re worth a visit but small enough that there’ll be no ensuing self-loathing. Plus there’s a host of other goodies on the menu today, and you can find the whole thing here.

So take a look, dial 326-9363 and pick up a little something. Happy Sunday.

Your pal,


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