I swear up and down

Dear Feastlings,
Each of you may know one of my many humiliations. Maybe you were here on a night where I upended a tray of glassware, or maybe you’ve been someone to whom I’ve waxed rhapsodic about the dinner special or a bottle of special wine, only to discover that we sold out of it long before and I was oblivious to what was happening in my own restaurant. Maybe you were witness to a stinging review on Yelp or another place where seasoned restaurant reviewers go. But to the fifty or sixty of you who were inconvenienced last week by my copying and pasting the zoom meeting information from the week before, I offer you not only my personal apology but also my personal assurance that I’ve double-checked myself this week- I promise, cross my heart- and the zoom tasting this afternoon, at 2:00 pm, can most definitely be accessed with this information:
Meeting ID: 899 1670 4296
Passcode: 415439

There’s still time to grab some samples and taste along with us, and you can see what the wines are, and what their accompanying story is, here:

What’s up with THAT?

There’s also still time to order for tomorrow’s hub delivery to points south and southeast.

Sweet, sweet South

Live in or around Academy Village, or down in Sahauarita or Green Valley? Don’t feel like driving all the way into town for a taste of Feast’s treats? Today’s the day to call and grab a little something and save yourself a trip. Food and wine delivered to your neighborhood, or even to your door. and then there’s just the regular good time that can be had by calling us and ordering from our regular menu.

You can reach us at 326-9363, and we’d be thrilled to say hello, answer what questions you have, and get a little something (or a big something) put together for you. See you at the tasting!

Your pal,

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