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Hi, Feastlings.
I had no intention of writing today; the morning was full of errands and nonsense, and I was certain that you didn’t need an email today that basically said: “Hi, all. Same thing as yesterday.” But when I got back from running around town, there was a rack full of lobster bread puddings cooling, and I knew that if I said nothing, I’d be doing you wrong. While I personally have had my fill, I’m acutely aware that there’s no small contingent of people who always- ALWAYS- want us to make lobster, corn and scallion bread pudding. And that situation as it is, you’ve been notified. We have lobster bread pudding until we run out of it. that may be two days or it may be two hours; I have no idea how many of you will read the email today and be lured into it.
If you are lured, though, there are other dishes to round out your selection, all of which can be found here, and that includes no small selection of breads and pastries as well. We mean business. Brioche today, and a couple of other breads, plus a bunch of sweets for those who want to drown their sorrows in baked goods.
And for those who’d rather drown their sorrows in wine, here’s this Saturday’s wine tasting info:

Gris area

And that covers this week. There’s plenty more happening next week, but rather than enumerate, I’ll just tack on all the links in case you’re curious about outer Tucson deliveries or the Rosh Hashana specials. Have a grand afternoon, everyone.

Rosh Hashana menu

Sweet, sweet South

North by northwest

Your pal,

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