Gris area

Hello, Feastlings.

As much as it feels like humanity only sees the world in black or white issues, be they race, politics or otherwise, the educated wine nerd- and, I would argue, the educated human- knows that the universe can’t be compartmentalized as such.  This Saturday, September 12, our zoom tasting will feature all wines that are neither red nor white, but rather fall somewhere in between.  You know, like reality.  As it turns out, Pinot, Trousseau, Cabernet and Grenache all come in red, white and grey, and even if the wines look white (three of the wines in the tasting do,) they’re not.  They come from grapes with a little color in the skin, and which are genetically distinct from the red and white counterparts.  So for $12.50 plus tax and gratuity, you can tune in at 2:00 pm this Saturday to get the scoops on the mysterious grey grapes and the wines people make from them.

You can find the tasting order and price sheet here.

The meeting ID is 837 3574 3243 and the passcode is 395338.  See you at 2:00!

Gris area

2018 Casa Silva Sauvignon Gris, D.O. Valle de Colchagua

2018 Kracher Pinot Gris Trocken, Burgenland

2016 Two Shepherds ” Fanucchi Vineyard” Trousseau Gris Blanc, Russian River Valley

2018 Curran Grenache Gris Rosé, Santa Barbara County

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