Don’t bother with the oven today; ours are on already.

Dearest Toasty Feastlings,
How delighted I was to hear that it wouldn’t reach 108 degrees, until I saw that it will likely reach 106 today. But not to worry. There’s no need whatsoever to fire up your oven today. Our new baking obsession has got them all running at full tilt in our kitchen, and I must say, the best thing I’ve had with coffee in quite some time is the walnut-halvah cake we made for you (and, incidentally, for me.) Not your bag? There’s a boatload of other baked goods from which to choose, and they’re just coming out of the oven and will continue to do so throughout the day today. The menu is here, and if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see today’s virtual Feast bakery treats.

Sure, there’s a hospital delivery coming up on Friday,

Keeping the meals coming for important, exhausted members of our community

and of course we’ve posted the Rosh Hashsana menu for your perusal

Rosh Hashana menu

but those will still be around throughout the week. And you’ll get more emails once we’ve posted next Saturday’s wine tasting, and news about the delivery runs to our various outlying hubs. But the baked treats are only here until they run out, and I have serious doubts that they’ll last through the day. And remember, you don’t want to turn your oven on.


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