Keeping the meals coming for important, exhausted members of our community

Dear Feastlings,

In the interest of transparency, let’s start this off by noting that one of the way we’re keeping our doors open here at Feast is by harnessing the generosity of this community and encouraging people to donate meals to one another.  We’ve been heavy duty into the hospitals for obvious reasons, but there’s a hospital we haven’t gotten to yet, and I’d note that, while it doesn’t have a COVID ward (they do, in fact, have COVID patients, however,) it’s every bit as important to this community as our other hospitals.  Next week, we’ll be delivering meals to the 200 people who work at Palo Verde Behavioral Health, where they’re helping children, adolescents and adults, both inpatient and outpatient, who are dealing with all manner of mental illness and suicidal thoughts, exacerbated by the pandemic.  I know that if any of us pauses to take stock for a moment, none of us is likely to say our mental health hasn’t been affected in some way.  So on Friday, September 11, we’ll be bringing 200 meals to our friends at Palo Verde and thanking them for the health and safety they bring us all.  If you’d like to contribute, they’ll appreciate it, and so will the crew here at Feast, who’ll remain gainfully employed for that much longer as a result of your kindness and generosity. And we don’t expect you to do this alone, so once we reach donations that cover 160 meals, we’ll donate the remaining 40 meals ourselves.


You can donate by sending or dropping off a check with “hospital donation” written in the memo line.  Our address is


3719 E. Speedway

Tucson, AZ 85716

We can also take donations by phone if you call 326-9363 with a credit card number.


dishes available for the front line workers at Palo Verde Behavioral Health


Vegetable curry~ house-made yellow curry with sweet peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, and red and green onion.  Served with jasmine rice. § ◊

Chicken Cacciatore~ braised chicken with aromatic vegetables, tomatoes and wild mushrooms. Served with garlic bread. §

Crawfish Etouffée~ Crawfish tails simmered with vegetables in a rich and spicy sauce.  Served over rice. §

Boeuf Bourguignonne~ Classic dish of beef braised in red wine with mushrooms, onion and bacon.  Served with herb-and-butter new potatoes. §

Chocolate truffle cookie
80 cents

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