The loophole

Dear Feastlings,
Regardless of how intensely the pandemic has affected you and the people dearest to you, and irrespective of your personal politics, I think we’d all be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t ready for this year to be over. Whether you’re done with protests or done with the treatment of protesters, whether you’re up to your eyeballs in financial strain, or your feet have been cut from under you the pain of you or a loved one dealing with Covid, or whether trying to run a household and keep kids schooled but safe has your eyes bugging out of your head, we’re each of us undoubtedly exhausted.
Mercifully, we’ve got a loophole for you. While 2020 won’t run out for four more months, we’re only a couple of weeks away from a new year of a different stripe: at sundown on the 18th, it also happens to be 28th of Elul, or New Year’s Eve, of the year 5780. Whether you celebrate Rosh Hashana or not, you may as well go all in for a fresh new year, and failing that, at least get some serious comfort food. We’ll be offering a special menu for pickup or delivery, with food hot and ready to serve or cold with heating instructions, Let’s all have a much better 5781. Here’s the menu:

Rosh Hashana menu

There’s also still plenty of time for you to pick up (or have delivered) tomorrow’s wine tasting of light reds

Lighten up.

or to call in a donation for next week’s hospital crew donation

Keeping the meals coming for important, exhausted members of our community

and we’re always delighted if you feel like ordering food or drink from us. We’ve sold out baguettes already, but there’ll be levains this afternoon, both unadulterated sourdough and a smoked paprika and golden raisin version. Plus all the other baked goodies we’re offering now- today we have individual rum babas, for example. And plenty of other items from which to choose. The number to call if you’re ordering is 326-9363, and the menu, including the baked goods, is here.

See you in two weeks when we all get a chance at a do-over of a year, but with any luck, we’ll see you before then, too.

The people of Feast

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