Off and running again.

Dear Feastlings,
As promised, bit by bit I’m cobbling together posts about the upcoming events here at Feast. I’ve talked to nearly everyone who’ll be presenting wines at this Saturday’s wine tasting, and the tasting is up on the website now. You can see if you’re interested here, but in a nutshell, it’s light-bodied reds that are perfect for the transition from sweltering miserable summer to only hot miserable late summer and slightly miserable early fall. The wines, though, will assuredly take the sting out of the season:

Lighten up.

There’ll be more for sure, and we’re still monkeying around with the baking bit of our efforts to give people a reason to call or swing by, and we have another run of donated meals on the schedule now, this time to Palo Verde Behavioral Health, where it feels like any one of us is on the precipice of visiting right now. We’re happy to have anyone call and donate a meal, or a portion thereof, and happy to have the work you’ll be providing us as well. As usual, we’re donating 25 percent of the number of meals donated by our guests and other members of the community, so when we get to the 160 meals mark, we’ll finish it out with another 40 meals. You can read more about what we’re doing here:

Keeping the meals coming for important, exhausted members of our community

And then, of course, there’s the September menu, which began yesterday. You can find the new dishes here, as well as specials like lobster with roasted potatoes, sea beans and vanilla-popcorn cream, or a sandwich with braised rabbit and finocchiona salami. Plus there are breads like house levain with rosemary and preserved lemon, or house-baked baguettes, and brownies, biscotti, and the odd cake or tart. You can find all of that here, and wine, and cocktails, and what-have-you.

We hope to see you soon, and once again, we thank you like nobody’s business.


The people of Feast

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