Short and sweet. And with any luck, indoors.

Hello, Feastlings.
As restaurants around the country are in various stages of cautious reopening, it appears for the part that the careful thing to do is to open up one’s patio for service. This works beautifully if your restaurant happens to be located on the Pacific coast. As luck would have it, we’re a solid 400 miles from San Diego, and, as I write this, about 38 degrees warmer, so even if we were to drag our tables and chairs out into the parking lot, we’re guessing we’d be about as slow as we were yesterday. Yesterday, for the record, was the kind of slow that makes your stomach drop much in the way you feel when you’ve cut off the tip of your finger and you don’t feel the pain yet, but you know that what you’ve done is very, very wrong.
We’re hoping that with the onset of really unpleasant weather, those of you who’ve been visiting the patios of various restaurants who ARE open for on-premise dining might consider a meal that’s enjoyed from the relative safety of one’s own, air-conditioned home. Let me say this: we want you to support them, too. We want Tucson to be a vibrant community of diverse and interesting places to go, to eat, to drink, to shop, to learn, to relax, to laugh and to be glad you live in Tucson. But we HAVE been lonely this week, to be sure. In the interest of making it worth your while, we do have a few events going on in the next few days- there’s our Saturday wine tasting, for which we’re pouring samples as we speak. You can pick them up or we can deliver them, and you’ll be able to taste along via zoom at 2:00 pm tomorrow. The details are here, and we’ve still got a couple of bottles around if you feel the need to pick them up for our friends Kent and Todd’s weekly zoom tasting slated for this very evening at six.

Also, those of you who live to the south or southeast, we’ll be making another delivery run to your various neighborhoods on Sunday, so if you feel like neither cooking nor driving, you can avail yourself of most of our menu for Sunday afternoon or thereafter. Here’s a list of where we’ll be and when:

And if you’ve already grown weary of this month’s menu, know that change is lurking around the corner- the June menu begins on Tuesday, June 2nd, and in addition to the new dishes you’ll find on the menu, each day this summer we’ll be offering a special that one (or more than one) of you has requested. And while the lobster, corn and scallion bread pudding is invariably the most requested dish each summer, we’ve given it a special dispensation to remain on the menu for an extra month during these trying times, when comfort food is undeniably necessary. If you want to order something from this menu before it changes come Tuesday, here’s a refresher.

Give us a buzz at 326-9363. We’d be happy as clams to hear from you. And clams are delicious.

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