Even shorter and sweeter today.

Dear Feastlings,
There’s very little to report today, but I thought I’d let you know that, in the event you want to have food delivered to you at (or near) one of our south side or southeast delivery hubs, you have until 7:30 this evening to place your order. Here’s a list of the hubs and delivery times and here’s the menu, including a couple of specials that will be available for that delivery tomorrow.

I’ll also tell you here that the password for today’s wine tasting is 296586. You still have a couple of hours to pick up tastes, or have them delivered. We hope you’ll join us.

I’ll likely leave you and your mailbox alone tomorrow, but you’re welcome to fill mine with requests for dishes that , while we won’t be able to offer them for a whole week, five or six at a time as we normally do, we’ll still make your requested dishes throughout the summer, as long as they travel well. And we’ll send out the June menu on Tuesday. Thanks kindly, everyone.


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