A delivery to our friends at St. Joseph’s hospital

Hello, Feastlings.

Next Tuesday, May 26, we’ll be delivering meals to the staff of St. Joseph’s Hospital.  Feast is donating the meals to the housekeeping department, but that still leaves 234 meals to cover.  If you’d like to donate a meal, or a cookie, or a fixed dollar amount to our sending meals to beleaguered front line health care workers, you can call us at 326-9363 and we’re honored and grateful to take your donation.  You can send checks made out to Feast with “hospital donation” in the memo line and we’ll apply your donation to the next front liners delivery run we make.  The items we’re sending them are in cryovac bags, in order to offer meals even for the staff who isn’t working when we arrive (graveyard shifts are hard enough as it is.)  The menu items we’re offering are on this page, below the entrees and before the desserts.

Here are the departments we’re feeding on Tuesday:

Telemetry – 64

Housekeeping – 63

Med/Surg – 43

ICU – 41

Respiratory Therapy – 38

Observation – 34

Trauma – 7

Labor & Delivery 7

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