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Dear Feastlings,
I walked in today and to a person, everyone here, when I asked them how they were doing, pretty much sighed and said, “okay.” It’s clear to me that we’ve all reached our saturation point- we who are working through this time, those who’ve been holed up for five to seven weeks, and especially those who are our guardians through this whole thing. The past week has seen a steady decrease in pickup orders, and I don’t blame anyone for being tired of it and ready to give up and just stand in front of the fridge stuffing a handful of whatever’s nearest in their mouth as they stare blankly into space. I know that’s my go-to plan right now. That said, if you feel like you deserve a little treat to help get you through the day today, you can still grab a little something from Feast, and if you’re not up for it, I’d hope you could just send this along to someone you know who hasn’t had a break. Whether it’s from us or someone else- preferably an independent business ( I saw a line at the drive-through chicken finger chain snaking onto Speedway the other night and felt sorry for all the independent restaurants that I saw before and after with a lone figure sweeping inside. I felt like I was in an Edward Hopper painting, and I had two immediate concerns: the first came with a hope that there are enough hungry people of varying tastes that we indie restaurants stand a fighting chance amid the lines of cars at various burger joints and chicken chains; the second was that maybe (or, after reading comments on various social media outlets) it’s that people are concerned for their safety in ordering takeout. Enter Lisa, the guest who sent me a link to Banner Health’s article on how safe it is to get takeout now (turns out it is.) Here’s that link, so if you or someone you know has been on the fence about it, you or they can read it and maybe exhale a sigh of relief into your mask.

We’ll be taking a little break tomorrow, but Tuesday we’ll be hitting the ground running again, sending out food for Cinco de Mayo,

starting the May menu,

and finishing up another three hundred meals for the health care workers at El Rio Health– the Cherrybell site, El Pueblo and another site of their choosing.

Keep your eyes peeled for more soon. We’re still waiting on supply chain information that will allow us to get you a Mother’s Day menu next Sunday and a wine tasting next Saturday. We’d love to feed you, your friends or your family. Just like you, we’re lonely and hitting the wall, but just like you, we’ve got our sights set on getting through this time. Thanks for doing it alongside us.

Your friends at Feast

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