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Dearest Feastlings,
As weird as it is to become inured to putting a mask on every day, to juggling calls and emails to assorted hospital fundraisers and bureaucrats, and to plotting out which empty parking lots we’ll be arriving at with food a couple of times a week, what’s hardest for me is feeling like we have to dial it back all the time. I’m back to scrambling to come up with the new menu at the last minute again, and not quite ready for next Tuesday, but sad that the dishes I want to make simply don’t travel well. We haven’t fired up the fryer in over a month, which might be good from a health perspective, but on the textural front, I miss my crispy fried stuff. The next two days, while the crew is working on what meals you order for tomorrow’s North/Northwest delivery run.

I’ll be trying my hardest to fire up whatever creative part is left in the part of my brain that isn’t being used for logistics, loan applications, and calls to my insurance agent to make sure the staff running around delivering food all over town is covered is directed toward the last couple of items we still need to change for the May menu, plus some specials for Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day. So keep your eyes open for those menus and specials, plus some new ideas for Happy Hour and wine tastings, zoom trips to our kitchen and whatever else we can think of to keep people engaged with us. If it’s easy for us to forget the outside world still exists, I can’t imagine how easy it is for those of you who’ve not so much as left the house.
But keeping you engaged means keeping all these irons in the fire, and that means trying to get the hamster wheel in my brain to stop thinking obsessive thoughts and start in on some ideas for something that’s not only tasty, but also special enough that it merits the trip, and takeout-friendly enough that the quality doesn’t suffer by the time it gets to your freshly sanitized table. So I’m handing the reins to the crew for the afternoon and focusing on those last few menu changes, Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day. What responsibilities am I designating? I’m glad you asked:
-Tomorrow’s aforementioned delivery run to the north;
-Keeping wine handy for you if you plan on grabbing some for Kent and Todd’s #digitalwineresearch;

our own wine tasting this Saturday at 2:00 pm;

-This Sunday’s delivery run to parts South and Southeast (menu specials will be listed once the ordering has ended for tomorrow’s run to the North)

-Taking donations for the next round of deliveries to front line hospital workers, which will feed employees at several El Rio Healthcare clinics around town on Wednesday, May 6. The menu is changing Tuesday, but we’re going to keep offering the same cryovac dishes to healthcare workers for now, because they’re easy to reheat and people seem to like them. You can call to donate at 326-9363. You can order for yourself at that number as well. Or you can just call to say you’re rooting for us. And we’re rooting for you too.


Doug and the numerous other denizens of Feast

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