Ducks in a row

Hiya, Feastlings.
I put the subject line on this email at about 10:45 this morning, thinking I’d talk about how now that it’s so slow, we have time to look ahead and get organized, and in a sense, we do: the May menu is nearly written, and under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be finished until a week from today; we already have next week’s activities mapped out (more on that below); and we’ve got the kitchen staff gearing up for our hospital run to Banner UMC and Banner South on Tuesday. So you’d think we’d have gotten you the email by this point.
And yet, the new logistics we’re still learning about are still not working with us- our produce and seafood orders came in with less on them than we ordered, and the afternoon’s discussions have been about keeping up with a fixed number of wine sample jars, when it doesn’t make sense for people who are supposed to stay home to come in and drop off jars in time for us to clean, sanitize and refill them. So I’m sad to report that as more people get bored and we keep running out of containers, the price of the Saturday wine tasting may inch up. Oh, the costs of staying intoxicated enough to make it through the pandemic.
That said, there’s plenty of opportunity this weekend to find out WHICH will be your inebriator of choice. There are still a few hours before #digitalwineresearch, the wine tasting with our friends Todd Bostock of Dos Cabezas WineWorks and Kent Callaghan of Callaghan vineyards, and we have the wines here. We’ll even put them in the fridge, since they’re white wines, so you can race in here at the eleventh hours and still taste with the fellas. Here’s a link.

You can also grab four assorted tastes for our Chilean extravaganza tomorrow, the details of which can be found here.

And in the interest of preparedness, those of you who live in the outlying areas of Tucson can start thinking about whether you’d like to indulge in any Feast treats when we go back out to the northwest on Thursday the 30th and the south and southeast on May 3rd. We’ll be posting links to those delivery runs soon, but the hubs we’ve been using have been working well, so we’ll be sticking with the same locations. Keep your eyes peeled for what specials we’ll be offering. More tomorrow, or knowing me, possibly in half an hour.
Thanks for your patience with that.

Your pal,

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