The calm between the storms.

Hello, Feastlings.
I’m not sure what work is like for the rest of you, but for us, it’s, well, feast or famine, and I hate to use the expression, because I regard the jokey reference to Feast as pretty low-hanging fruit. But since I thought four or five of you would write back making the reference, I decided to just go ahead and get the dad joke overwith.
The fact of the matter is, though, we’re busy when we have a delivery run to an outlying area, or a hospital run, but when we’re not doing that? Less so. I definitely understand why I see restaurants all around us going into hibernation and hoping to wake to an economic springtime thaw. Today is one such day, and that’s by no means a complaint. We’re grateful and amazed every day at the support and generosity of our guests on the email list, and in turn, of the people who’ve discovered by other means what we’re doing with hospital worker meals and delivery runs to outlying neighborhoods. But we’re also grateful for the occasional respite. Not that I’m suggesting you don’t call us today- we’d love to wait another day or two for that break, since that means another day with less financial worry. We’ll happily take what we can get. So we raise a figurative glass today to the calm as much as to the storm, and we hope that you’re all getting a moment to yourselves that you value, as much as you’re finding yourself afraid, or exhausted, or tearful. The only events on the immediate horizon are our wine tasting this Saturday, a tasting of Chilean reds that will undoubtedly impress, and our next hospital run, a delivery to two COVID wards and Molecular Microbiology (where they’re doing CDC testing) at Banner UMC, as well as to the emergency department at Banner South. That will happen Tuesday, and any donations that run past our goal (we’re aiming for 210 meals to handle three of those four units, and if we reach that, Feast will donate 36 more meals to the fourth unit) will be rolled into the next hospital run. Next on the list will be several of El Rio’s clinics. Thank you all so much for sending contact information to the various people you know associated with El Rio and with the VA Hospital, which is on the list right after El Rio. If you scroll down the menu page, you’ll find a list of the dishes we’re packing in cryovac for those upcoming hospital donations. And any donation helps- you can even send a cookie if you like.

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity, to front line hospital workers, to us at Feast and to the rest of the community at large. It’s that kindness that’s going to get us all through this time.

Your friends at Feast

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