Yipes. It’s hot.

Good morning, Feastlings.
While it’s nice to feel things are settled into enough of a rhythm that I no longer feel compelled to write you all every day, I do still feel like I should let you know about a couple of things: first of all, someone made a big batch of lavender lemonade, not realizing that with none of you able to join us in person, we haven’t really sold any in a month, so, while you’re welcome to order a single lemonade to take with, we’ve also packed it in half gallons, so you can cool off after whatever time you’ve spent in the rapidly warming outdoors. Half a gallon makes eight glasses if you’re pouring it over ice, or four pints if you’re power drinking. If it goes over well, we’ll keep making it, but otherwise it will end up on the same hiatus that so much else has ended up on these days. The menu, complete with the chilaquiles and egg brunch special, Bloody Mary kits and the aforementioned lemonade, is here.

and the number to call to place your order is 326-9363. You’ll also find the menu of vacuum-packed dishes that we’re bringing to four different units at Banner UMC and Banner South on Tuesday, and if you’re in the mood to show some support to frontline hospital workers via support for your friends at Feast, you’re still welcome to call in a donated meal or even a cookie or two today. We’ll be running them out to the hospitals midday on Tuesday. There’s more to come- we’ll be doing another delivery run to the northwest again on Thursday, and we’ll post delivery hubs and specials in the next day or so, and right behind that a list of special and hubs for delivery to the south and southeast a week from today. So keep your eyes peeled.
Again, thank you all for your tremendous support,-of us here at Feast, of the hospital workers who are nearing the predicted peak of virus-related mayhem, and of each other. I’m prouder than I’ve ever been to be a part of this community.

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