Running, then stopping, then running, then stopping.

Hi, Feastlings.
Here’s a quick update: First of all, the hospital run went swimmingly. Thanks first to the entire staff of Feast, who shifted schedules, cooked like crazy, answered phones that were ringing off the hook and scrambled in with a huge van so we could deliver to our new friends at TMC (and some old ones- Hi, Michael; hi, Nikki; hi, Miriam): Yvette and Grace in the Cardiac Ward, Kathryn in the COVID Ward and Bailey in the Emergency Department. Thanks for helping make today’s delivery to 315 front line workers flawless. Thanks next to the scores of you who called and donated to this delivery run. We did overshoot our goal with your help, and unless you have a problem with it (reply to this email if you do,) we’re going to keep sending food to hospital workers until your money and ours runs out. We’re already working on delivery runs to the Emergency Department at Banner South and the Pathology Department, who’s working with the CDC, at Banner UMC. And there’ll be more beyond that. It’s been amazing to see the outpouring of support of our regular guests, and of people we’ve never met, who’ve wanted to contribute not only to the hospital crew but to ours and to restaurant folk in general.
Not that there’s any shortage of places to donate right now, but I’m throwing this one out there if you want to help restaurant people on a broader, national level. Tucson restaurants have it rough, to be sure, but there are places harder hit than we are too.

And for those of you who are trying to stretch your dollars right now but still have the urge to be helpful, here’s another spot I’d suggest.  It costs nothing for you to send along a nudge to our representatives.

Meanwhile, here’s what the next couple of days look like at Feast. The wine tasting is tomorrow at 2 and we’ve run out of the tasting jars. So if you’ve participated in past tastings and still have the jars laying around, you can return them for the $2.50 deposit we charged on them (in credit, please- we’re not outfitted to hand out cash right now) and either get them filled up for the next tasting or let us hand them off to someone else who’ll be tasting this week. The Zoom Meeting number is posted here, and you’ll get an email (and we’ll post along with the meeting number) on Saturday by noontime.

You’ve also got a few hours left to pick up wine (or have it delivered) if you’re participating in the spring semester of #digitalwineresearch with our friends Kent Callaghan and Todd Bostock. The Dos Cabezas Toscano and the Callaghan Claire’s are here for this evening’s 6 pm seminar and tastealong, “Intermediate Tannin Talk.”


Lastly, if you’re in a southeasterly way, we’ll be delivering food this Sunday to our delivery hubs and your home if you live in the general vicinity- here’s a link for the details.

And with that, my stopping is over. Time to start running again.



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