Take 2, twice.

Dear Feastlings,
It’s a wobbly time. I don’t need to explain it to you because each of you is undoubtedly doing what we’re doing right now, adapting to change as quickly as we possibly can. Last weekend brought us an opportunity to serve people who can’t get to us, and, quite frankly, for us to keep at the attempt of keeping our doors open for another small stretch. It kind of worked and it kind of didn’t. This week we’re instituting some changes in hopes of doing both things more effectively. Tomorrow, we’ll be making a second outer-reaches-of-Tucson delivery run, and we have a few new plans to make it work more effectively than last Sunday’s first attempt, which left five delivery drivers grasping at tiny flashes of GPS and phone service as they hunted down houses in a neighborhood they don’t know well.
Tomorrow’s run will be different in that we’ll be treating four different East and Northeast hubs like curbside carryout. Food will arrive cold for you to heat at your convenience, and you’ll go home with minimal (if any) interpersonal contact and well before dark, so in theory you could enjoy it for dinner tomorrow night. We’ll also be bringing food to the door of people who have trouble getting to a hub, or who feel more susceptible to the risk of exposure. the details of the whole plan can be found here

and we’ll be taking orders for it all day today, at 326-9363. In the interest of keeping things organized, 7:30 pm will be the cutoff for East/Northeast orders.

We’ll also be doing our Saturday wine tasting, this time with actual tastes of wine, available for pickup or delivery today through Friday. Details on that are here.

And we’ll be trying our best to support our friends Kent Callaghan and Todd Bostock, owners and winemakers of Callgahan Vineyards and Dos Cabezas WineWorks, respectively, but the wines won’t be in here at Feast until tomorrow. Anyhow, if you want to participate in #digitalwineresearch, they’ll be doing a zoom tasting on Friday at 6, and the link to participate is here. No worries if you can’t get it shipped in time, because we should have the wines here for you to pick up by tomorrow. Here’s the information on how to participate in that one.


Thanks kindly, everyone.

Your friends at Feast

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