News from the teeter totter

Good morning, Feastlings.
Just like for all of you, every day here has been alternately filled us with hope and gratitude and given us the feeling you get when you’ve just cut your finger and you know it’s a serious one but you haven’t felt the pain yet. Our days have been stuffed with coordination of bigger events like today’s delivery run to the East side and the Northeast (which if if goes well will give us the green light to do a South and Southeast run on Sunday and then a future Westside run) and then Kevin’s virtual wine tasting on Saturday (which will have actual tastes!- see here)

And Kent and Todd’s tasting at six this evening. We have the wines if you don’t yet. Here’s that link.

Our days have also been interrupted by searches for a distributor that has 8-oz takeout containers, and a new source for halibut, and covering each other’s shifts, and finding a credit card slip from three days ago, and seeing what sort of payroll protection plan we qualify for, and getting masks for the staff, and applying for an SBA Disaster Loan, and writing this email, and replying to replies, and changing the zoom format of the wine tasting, and ordering separate food for the staff who can’t get to a grocery store before they close now, and stopping to cry, or panic, or wish we could hug one another. or if we’re lucky, find something to laugh about. Today’s new try at farther-flung delivery looks promising, but I don’t want to get cocky about it. I do know that it can only be an improvement on last Sunday, and I thank you all for ordering and keeping us employed, and for your patience and kindness with us.

More about the wine tastings, and about the South/Southeast delivery run tomorrow, and more about Passover, Easter, the subtler-than-usual changes to the menu come April, and any staff nervous breakdowns that occur in the days following that. We are, all of us, grateful for you, all of you.

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