Be careful what you wish for.

Dear Feastlings,

When Feast first opened in 2001, I’d been working in restaurants for nineteen years, and was tired of working nights and weekends, never being able to attend my friends’ soirees and the like. Feast was meant to be a carryout restaurant that closed at 8 pm and afforded me a somewhat normal life, but it didn’t work. We Tucsonans are a car culture- we’re spread out too far to pick up something at the neighborhood bodega and trot home. Once we’re out, we’re out, and since people couldn’t pick up Feast food at a drive-through and never leave the comfort of their vehicle, we gradually became a sit-down restaurant, and that’s worked out pretty well for us. We’ve grown. Twice. In size.

Now we’re growing again, this time in spirit, and here we are a carryout restaurant all over again. As fortune would have it, you can now get food from Feast without having to leave the comfort (or safety) of your car. And as fortune would have it, you’ve all been amazing, kind and generous in your support for us. So far, we’ve lost one of our staff for the time being to a weakened immune system who simply feels too vulnerable to work here right now, and one who’s switching roles with his spouse and becoming the child care portion of the relationship while his better half works more consistent and reliable hours. But everyone else who works at Feast is still working at least part-time at Feast, and we have all of you to thank for it. And we do thank you for it, all of us to all of you.

It being Sunday, we’re adding a couple of brunchier special to the menu for the immediate future- Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame again today, plus a frittata loaded with wild mushrooms, spinach, roasted peppers and cheeses. We even made some Bloody Mary kits- our mix and garnishes, and there are affordable bottles of vodka to by for the cocktails or in lieu of hand sanitizer. You can give us a buzz (326-9363) with an order and a credit card number and the make and model of your car and we’ll bring it all out to you, or you’re still welcome to come in and maintain a comfy distance from us all as we work to get you and your neighbors fed. We can deliver it as well if you’d rather. We’re tightening up our protocol for those of you who feel more vulnerable- sanitized pens to sign your credit card slip and clipboards rather than check presenters, and an abundance of gloves for us and for you. Wave at the front door if you don’t want to touch the handle. And here’s the menu for the next few hours, anyhow. We’ll likely change the specials as the dinner hour nears. The menu link is here.

We’ll keep adding posts and photos on the blog as we can, though last night was so difficult for us that we didn’t have time (it turns out it’s a very different thing to go from serving fifteen people at a time, each in a different stage of appetizer, entree, beverage and dessert in a leisurely fashion, to serving everyone everything they’ve ordered in one fell swoop. We’re starting to get the hang of it, though.) Meanwhile, keep yourselves well and healthy and as happy as you can, and know that we’re pulling for you. We’ve seen this week how much you’re pulling for us, and we can’t thank you enough.


Everyone at Feast

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