Old and cracked, but still working.

Hi, Feastlings.

Maybe you know David Adix, and maybe you don’t, but if you’ve eaten here, here’s a part of your dining experience.  David curates the walls of Feast, providing us with a steadily rotating visual smorgasbord of art by local artists.  It works for everyone- the artists get exposure and David takes far less than a gallery would, and Feast gets new art all the time.  As it happens, David goes way back with me and Kate- the person who heads up our catering production when every catered event for the next two months hasn’t been cancelled- to 1986, when we all worked together at Cafe Terra Cotta.  Anyhow, David sent me a text this morning to say he’d be coming by with a little something from Feast’s distant past.  Back when we were a tiny takeout place, we had this goofy little sidewalk sign, which we gave, I’m fairly certain, to the U of A Poetry Center after the city mailed us a letter with the list of restrictions on sidewalk signs: twenty feet from the curb, a border two inches from the edge of the sign, and so on.  Rather than put the sign farther away from the sidewalk than the front of our building, we retired it and handed it to our friends to make use of.  They donated it, years later, to Casa de los Niños, where David stumbled across it and nabbed it to make it into what he called “yard art.”  Anyway, it looks about as old, cracked and tired as I feel, but, like me, it’s still working.

Suddenly strangely appropriate again.


So here it is- we’re open today, taking orders for curbside pickup or delivery, from 11 to 7:30.  We’d love to hear from you.

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