Carry out and carry on.

I wish I could call it my own, but I have a lovable regular guest to thank for that blog title.  We haven’t really done the blog thing here since we built this eerily empty building, but this seems like the ideal time to start it off again since there are no drinks to refill and no tables to clear just now.  The kitchen is relatively staffed up today, though, and cooking up meals to take out for you lovely folk.  The cryovac machine is working overtime bagging boeuf bourguignonne right now and lunch orders are starting to go out, for both pickup and delivery.  We got a great big stack of takeout boxes yesterday and while we have fewer hands on deck than for a fully operational restaurant, we’ve learned a few lessons the past two days about how to run a pickup and delivery operation out of a space that wasn’t designed for it.


So this came in yesterday, and we hope it’s all going back out full of food.


It’s obviously weird around here- it’s weird everyhwere- but we’re trying to keep the staff as gainfully employed as possible.

We’d rather be full of people than full of boxes. We miss you.


We know we’ll get through this, though, and we thank you all for your help in getting us through it.  We do have our uplifting moments.  Skyler got this little morsel during our first day of delivering.

This makes us feel like it’s all going to be all right.

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