May we suggest alcohol?

Dearest Feastlings,
While we watch the book fair being cancelled, and while we stop shaking hands and hugging one another, let’s first of all be aware that by doing this, we’re just minimizing the chances of public health threats getting out of hand here in Tucson. We’re not quarantined yet, and we’re lucky for that, so let’s keep on offering a respectful distance to the people we interact with. You’ll be pleased to know that with a handful of germophobes on the staff, we at Feast are sending people home when they’re not feeling well, and though we already wash our hands dozens of times a day, we’re doubling down, and so far our hand sanitizer hasn’t run out. I’ll throw this one out there too, since we see both events in the dining room and catering events canceling left and right: the Saturday wine tastings will continue, and we feel that alcohol will be a pleasant way to keep any nasty viruses at bay. This Saturday’s tasting will still take place at 2:00 pm, and it will still be a bunch of delicious wine- a red, a white, a pink and a sparkling- and it will still only cost $12.50 plus tax and tip. The theme? AffordABLE France- French wines you can afford (and that are still well worth the price.) You know, from when our biggest worry was the potential tariffs on European wines. We suggest a splash of wine to sanitize your lips for now, and perhaps a bottle or two to take home to calm your shaky nerves. You can find out which is the tastiest antiseptic for you at the tasting, for which you’ll need a reservation. And that, of course, must happen by phone since web and email reservations for events won’t save you a seat. The number to call is 326-9363, and the details of said tasting are as follows.

We hope you can make it, and that you can find a calm, cool, collected place to enjoy yourself during these stressful times.

Your friends at Feast

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