We’re sweet, but not as sweet as you think we are.

Dearest Feastlings,
I apologize for only now getting this email out to you. This morning has brought us a series of conversations, one with Michael Zinke, whose wines you may have tasted with us, and one with a French importer who’s new to the neighborhood and who’s proven to us that despite current and impending tariffs, there’s still French wine to be had that’s well worth the price. It’s also included conversations with a plumber I’d not recommend anymore and a trickle of guests small enough that I was briefly convinced there was perhaps a roadblock on Speedway. At last, though, we’re caught up. We’ve just had the staff taste through the new menu items- it’s new menu day at Feast- and Kevin, in spite of arriving early to get his tasting typed up, was waylaid multiple times as well. In any case, the stressful and frantic portion of the day is officially behind us, or so we hope, and now we’re ready to tell you about the new menu, about which there’s not much to say except why haven’t we been serving smelt all year round? Here’s what the menu looks like as of 11:00 this morning.


Please come join us and taste it. We’re bored today.
And meanwhile, to prevent our being bored this Saturday, we’d also like to invite you to the Saturday wine tasting. I’m often saddened by a guest’s dismissal of wines they perceive as sweet without having even tasted them. “I don’t drink Riesling” and “I don’t drink Gewurztraminer” are phrases I hear as often as I heard “I don’t drink Merlot” about fifteen years ago. And it’s all sad. Let’s not define ourselves by what we don’t eat and drink anymore. In an effort to help you discover that yes, you actually probably DO enjoy the aforementioned varietals, we’re opening the wines people love to ignore this Saturday at 2 pm. The theme? Alsace and Also…

Now come over and visit, please. We checked, and there is no roadblock on Speedway.

Your friends at Feast

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