AffordABLE France

Dear Feastlings,

When we’re not nervously quivering over a rampant virus, many of us are attempting to to calm ourselves with a glass of wine, and then we’re quivering over tariffs. This week, Kevin opens up four wines that will quell one of those fears.  On Saturday, March 14, he’ll be opening four bottle of French wine that are not only affordable, but excellent values for their price.  The tasting will again be only $12.50 plus tax and tip, and will begin at 2:00 pm.  Reservations are a must, and web and email reservations won’t save you a spot, so now’s your moment to pick up the phone and reserve a seat by calling 326-9363.  Taste a sparkling, a red, a white and a pink- a veritable smorgasbord of wine, which while it’s maybe the inappropriate cultural reference, is accurate in spirit.  We hope to see you at the tasting.

AffordABLE France

NV Grandial Brut Blanc de Blancs, France

2018 Côté Mas Blanc (Grenache Blanc/Vermentino/Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc,) Pays d’Oc IGP

2018 Côté Mas Rosé (Cinsault/Syrah/Grenache,) Pays d’Oc IGP

2017 Côté Mas Rouge(Grenache/Carignan/Cinsault/Merlot/Syrah,) Pays d’Oc IGP

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