Time for a breather.

Dear Feastlings,
After the past few weeks- Gem Show visitors, Valentine’s day, two private wine dinners and the one that’s open to the public tonight (except that it’s sold out- sorry to tease,) plus Fat Tuesday, Fat Sunday and Fat Wednesday – we’re offering crawfish etouffee for lunch and dinner for three solid days- it’s nice to have a weekend on the horizon with one event and one event alone: Kevin’s wine tasting this Saturday will offer wines coming from old vine vineyards, and it promises to be delicious. The tasting is at 2:00 pm and only costs $12.50 plus tax and tip, and there are still seats to be had, so if you’re interested in joining us, it behooves you to give us a call. The details can be found here.

And while there’s more to come, like the March menu and a wine dinner with Spanish producer CVNE on March 18, please pardon us this weekend while we exhale. Thanks, everyone.
The People of Feast

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