Put your tasting boots on.

Dear Feastlings,
This Saturday’s wine tasting takes us on a trip around the boot of Italy- and even off the boot to Sicily- for a tasty jaunt between crisp whites, gutsy reds and even a splash of fresh, only-slightly-sweet sparkly dessert wine (that in my humble opinion also makes a refreshing aperitif and an even more refreshing slushie- just sayin’.) The details are here but by now you know the drill: the tasting is Saturday the 28th at 2:00, make a reservation, do it by phone, bring $12.50 plus tax and tip for the tasting, bring more if you want to shop once you’ve tasted them, and don’t forget your thirst for wine, knowledge, and wine knowledge. See you Saturday, we hope.

If that doesn’t work for you, we’ve got another tasting hot on its heels: our Last Sunday of the Month tasting- you know, the one where each wine comes with its own food pairing, will take place on Sunday the 29th at 3:30.  Our friend Mike Galkin will have six wines hailing from California’s Central Coast and they’re downright tasty.  That one is $35 plus tax and tip.  It looks like this.

See you Sunday, too, we hope.

The people of Feast

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