?? Mystery Date ??

Dear Feastlings,
When I was a kid, Milton Bradley made a board game called Mystery Date. It was made for preteen and young teen girls, and while I was a boy, I was a weakling and a nerd and a sissy, so while other boys were playing kickball and dodgeball and injuryball, I was hanging out with the girls. I never played Mystery Date, partly because I was still a boy, and a boy in an era before anyone talked about gender normative this or cis- that or GLBTQ anything. But it turns out that even straight kids like me could find it difficult to fit in, not the least because games like Mystery Date taught young girls disdain for weaklings, nerds and sissies.
This Saturday, Kevin brings us a Mystery Date that’s a million times easier for me to get behind: a wine Mystery Date. the theme for this Saturday’s wine tasting is Brown Bag Bingo- each of four wines will be swaddled in a plain brown wrapper and you’ll be meant to find your true love not based on the look of the label, but what’s inside. You’re also invited to try your hand at tasting blind and seeing if you’ve developed some recognition skills over the many tastings you’ve attended. The tasting, like so many other of our Saturday tastings, begins at 2:00, costs $12.50 plus tax and tip, and requires a reservation, the number for which to call is 326-9363. There are a few more details here¬†¬†though not many, as we can’t tell you what the wines are until after you’ve tasted them. Come hang out with us.

Doug and all the other weaklings, nerds and sissies at Feast

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