The other Italian-American family of wine heroes.

Dear Feastlings,
Yep, those Mondavis have it nailed down. Their patriarch is a wine hero of the US, the kids have all grown up and made names for themselves in the wine world, both here and abroad, and they’re local folk who’ve done good. But notoriety doesn’t always fall on those who work hard and make something special. Sometimes they fly beneath the radar and while they get a bit less notice, it doesn’t mean that what they’re doing isn’t special too. This week, Kevin’s wine tasting is dedicated to the Pedroncelli family- you’ll taste four of their wines- all tremendous values- and if you’re in the right mood, you’ll go home with some. You can get the unadulterated scoop on the tasting here.

It should be both fun and delicious, and both the fun and the deliciousness begin at 2:00 pm this Saturday, September 14. Give a call at 326-9363 and we’ll hold a seat for you.

Your pal,

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