Suspended disbelief

Dear Feastlings,
If you’re at all literary, you’re familiar with the notion that while you’re reading a work of fiction, or watching a play or movie, or most especially an opera, you’re going to have to take some of it with a grain of salt. We know that the illegitimate son of a Count who’s left for dead on the field of battle will rise to deliver a comeuppance in the third act, no matter how ridiculous it seems. James Bond and Indiana Jones will Always get out of that tight spot. Always. and the September menu at Feast? It will have fall flavors on it. I know what it feels like out there today, and I know what that calls for, but if you check your calendar and your preferred weather app, you’ll see that autumn is coming. Just not today. So when you see pears and butternut squashes making their mark on the menu, and game meats and apple tarts, just know it’s coming. We’ve all weathered the worst of it, and we’re about to enjoy fall. Those of you who’ve gone for the summer will start trickling back, and when you arrive, there’ll be cranberries. Those of you who stuck it out with the rest of us will be rewarded today with a chance to suspend your disbelief in air conditioned comfort and treat yourself to something evocative of cooler, happier times. The menu is here for you to eyeball.

And as if that weren’t enough, we’ll be pouring Syrahs and Grenaches this Saturday at our tasting, wines built for fall in at least one person’s humble opinion. There’s news about Kevin’s Saturday tasting here.

We hope to see you soon, with mittens on.


The people of Feast

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