Aren’t you tired from all that packing?

Hello, Feastlings.
I know the day is half over and you’re only just now getting this email, but we’ve been working feverishly like little summer elves to get the new menu organized. We finished our staff tasting, and I must declare: it tastes like summer around here. Some of our old summer friends are back- the stuffed squash blossoms and the roasted strawberry shortcake have hung out their shingle for the summer- and some new summery dishes are here for you as well. Shrimp and duck over cucumbers and cantaloupe? Check. A pressed sandwich of artichoke hearts, grilled radicchio, prosciutto and house-made fromage blanc? Don’t mind if I do. A bar of sable’ with coffee-cardamom custard, glazed with dark chocolate? They’re here and fresh and so are a bunch of other dishes- walleye, smashed potatoes, some summery salads and appetizers- they’re all here at the ready. You’ll get two emails this week- today’s to tell you about the July menu, and again on Friday when we reopen (we’re closed on Independence Day) and offer you a new weekly request menu. The July menu begins today, and it looks like this.


We’d also be remiss not to mention this week’s wine tasting, a compilation of French wines to remind you that Bastille Day is just around the corner.

Don’t get us wrong- there’s nothing wrong with burgers and hot dogs on the grill, but we’d be foolish not to celebrate Bastille Day this month as well as Independence Day, if purely from a culinary standpoint. We’ll be serving our regular brunch and dinner menus, but we’ll be offering Bastille Day specials alongside them all day long, and no corkage on French wines. What other restaurant do you know where you can drink wine at retail pricing? That’s what I thought.

Well send another email out on Friday so you can know all about next week’s specials, and meanwhile we’ll wish you a happy holiday. Thanks for eating here.


Doug and the rest of your friends at Feast

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