Houston, we have a problem.

Good day Feastlings.
First, a short but sincere apology to those of you who came in any time in the last four days expecting to be able to drown whatever sorrows you may have in cotton candy- wrapped shrimp, only to leave with yet another sorrow. We discovered this week that in the state of Arizona, there are two people who repair cotton candy machines: one in Mesa and one in Tempe. Evidently the East Valley is the epicenter of cotton candy technology, at least in Arizona. Ours died a graceless death this weekend, but my hope is that we’ll get this thing fixed and bring back that shrimp toward the end of the summer. The kitchen staff, however, as you may have already surmised from last week’s email, is perfectly happy not to be going home at the end of the day to rinse wisps of cotton candy from themselves.
This week, they’re no longer at risk- the new request menu is free of spun sugar- but you’ll find some other treats that should lift your spirits. Welcome back, ribeye sandwich with Cambozola creamed spinach. Welcome back, octopus salad with shishito peppers. And for those of you who eschew meat, there’s panisse (those chickpea fries that we do with the spinach and the sweet and salty lemons? Yum) and vegetarian surf and turf. Classicists, you’ll find crepes Suzette until July 4th (let’s not forget the French did us a solid during the Revolutionary War, so Independence Day might not have happened without them- and there’ll be more about Bastille Day specials coming in the near future.) For any other details you might want about this week’s menu of your requests, take a look here.

We also have two wine tastings on the horizon, one patriotic one and one food-friendly one.

So if the back yard is too hot for a cookout this weekend, I know where you can come to enjoy some lovely food and beverage in air-conditioned comfort. See you soon.

Your friend and future cotton candy machine repairman,

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