Bastille Day specials, and no corkage on French wines!

Hello, Feastlings.

We’ll be serving our normal brunch and dinner menus on Sunday the 14th, but in recognition of Bastille Day, we like to offer up a few French specials and charge a bit less for all our French wines.  Good job, France.


Ratatouille~ roasted eggplant, peppers, summer squash, tomatoes, garlic and onions.
side: 7.5        dinner serving: 15

Coq au Vin~ Chicken braised in red wine with bacon, mushrooms and onions.  Served with roasted potatoes and haricots verts.

Steak and frites~ Grilled onglet steak with pommes frites and sauce Béarnaise.

Bouillabaisse~classic tomato-saffron soup with mussels, shrimp, scallops, half a Maine lobster and sea bass.  Garnished with toast points and rouille. §§

Tarte Tatin~ Caramelized apple upside-down pastry, served warm.

No corkage on any French wines on the list.

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