Take five. Or six.

Dearest Feastlings,
It’s indisputably that time of year again: the time where, with so many of you summering far away and so many more of you at the very least on vacation, we need to give you more reasons to go out. This week, I’m throwing out links to five of them. Or six. Here they are in chronological order:
First, today’s the day that the Wine Enthusiast releases its list of the top 100 wine restaurants in the United States. And yep. we’re on it. We’re of course proud of our wine program, but doggone it if it doesn’t feel good to be recognized by the industry for that. Here’s the link.

Next, there’s the summer request menu.┬áThis week’s summer request menu begins at 11:00 sharp this morning, and I know at least some of you will respond to this, since dozens of you demanded it: CRISPY DUCK SALAD makes its triumphant return today, and will be around until next Thursday. there’s also wild mushroom sformato, Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame, plus lobster with squid ink risotto and other goodies, and a roasted marshmallow ice cream to wash them all down. Details can be found here.


Next would be this Saturday’s wine tasting, a collection of four Spanish wines brought to you by a Spanish importer new to Arizona, but also brought to you by Kevin, who’s been here for ages. Let him regale you with stories about new wines and Old Tucson.

Hot on the heels of Saturday’s wine tasting is a handful of Sunday treats for dads in the greater Tucson area, since it happens to be Father’s Day. We’ll be offering our regular brunch and dinner menus, but there’ll be specials for Dad as well.

There’ll be a new weekly request menu after that, but that will remain secret until next Thursday, or at least until we know what’s going on that menu. Then comes June 25th, when we’re belatedly celebrating the Bonfires of San Juan, a Spanish celebration of the Summer Solstice that offers you several tapas, plus our take on paella and flan. And discounts on every Spanish wine on the list. Come earn your geography merit badge.

And last is a little advance notice for our Last Sunday of the Month wine tasting with Donald David of STEM wines. The theme: Acid Trip– bright wines with a hefty dose of food-friendly acidity.

That seems like more news than should fit in one email, so I’ll wrap it up here, but we’d love to see you. Truly. Pick a reason.

Doug and all your other friends at Feast

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